Task Recorder Pro.


Task Recorder Pro is an Android application that provides you the ability to voice record 5 seconds of any urgent task logging. The task will be saved in your tasks list with a task name set to recording’s date and time. To record any urgent task, just click on the application icon and speak your task for 5 seconds, don’t do any other thing (auto record checkbox is checked).

You can listen to your recording, set alarm, delete, rename, set category or set the priority of the task by clicking on the task name. You can also copy the task to the clip board or share category tasks via mail or any other application.


The application can be set to auto record tasks when launched and then auto exits. To use this feature, check the “Auto Record” checkbox. You can view tasks list during recording by click on “Cancel” in the task recording screen or click “Write” to start naming your task, without the need for the 5 seconds voice recording.

The task list shows task priority, category and if any set one time or recurrent alarms for the task.

In tasks list screen click on any category radio button above tasks to view a list of tasks set to that category. Click on “All” to view all tasks or “?” to view tasks not yet set to any category. Below each radio button shows number of tasks in that category.

Click “Alarms” Category to view and manage set alarms or click “Today” to list all task with priority set to “Today” regardless of assigned category.

You can set your own tasks category names in preferences menu by selecting “Custom Categories”. When set, the list of categories will show based on your current language.

You can change the application’s language using the menu item “Languages”.

In the menu you can click on “Guide” to see this guide. Also, you can view both developer and application details using the “About” menu item.

I hope you find the application useful and please rate application 5 if you do like it.



To go to “Task Recorder Pro” app at Google Play click HERE.


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